I play Hard rock/metal songs out of a Vox AD100VT.

Light example of what I play: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEGOyM7zpo0

The ESP's got the EMG 81/60 setup, I've heard that EMG's are good, is that true?

I have the problem of living in the middle of nowhere. The closest guitar store is a good 50 miles away, so I can't try it out... but from what I've seen and heard, it's a pretty kickass guitar.

Is it worth dropping the $900 on it? Cause the LP just isn't cutting it for me.

Also: Do you think a Noise Suppressor would be useful with it? I hear the EMG's kinda need one.
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I played an Epi LP standard back to back with an ESP LTD Ec 1000, as this was basically what my choice was coming down to. I was playing on one of those peavey valveking deals.

I expected that I would like the cleans/neck pickup on the LP more, but favor the gain/bridge pickup more on the ESP due to the emg.

To my surprise, I liked the neck pickup and clean tone of the ESP more than the LP. The gains were better on the ESP as I expected, but what sold me was the cleans on that EMG 60, sounds great.

So I bought the ESP (black). Its a great guitar, I love the marble trim around the body. Since then, however, I have noticed that it is not staying in tune very well.
I just noticed you mentioned you played some metal on a vox ADVT series.

Not knowing what your settings are, the active pickups on the ESP would definitely help you get a metalish tone.

I have played the AD30vt extensively and the highest gain setting dimed out doesn't really get there with lower output pickups.