Musiciansfriend.com is guitar center's other online store. It's a totally legitimate site.

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However, if we're being all grown up about this (in the pit?) walkingonspikes is dead on
There have been some incidences of peoples instruments coming in with chips, marks, or some minor damage...

But in all cases, you can send the instrument back to either get a refund, or a new guitar...

Go check out the policy on the website for stuff like that *it's quite nice!*
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ordering a MIM Strat HSS from Musicians Friends . Com?
Are they reliable? will it come in BROKEN????????

No it won't be BROKEN!!!!!!!!

Seriously, I've ordered from Musician's Friend and they are very good about packaging merchandise securely. And their prices are the best. Go for it.
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Too many people think their guitar will come in pieces just because it's off the internet.
My Carvin travelled from California to somewhere quite a way away from me in England, then to my house and it's got nothing wrong with it whatsoever.
My Ibanez also came from the internet and is perfect (well was when it came, two years has hurt it a lil').
Dude.. MF is the best site to order from. I ordered a power supply for my BM pedal and a pack of strings from them 2 weeks ago. The package came in, and the strings were in there, but there was no power supply.... so i call them up, and the lady on the phone just sends me out a new one... free of charge.

And also, if it has anything wrong with it from shipping, you've got, i think, 45 days to return it, and either get another one or a cash refund. Even if you don't like it, you can return it solely on the fact that you don't "feel" right with it.

Moral of Story: MF is DEFINATELY worth it.

MF is the most reliable online music store, imo. and if anything happens they have great customer service.

Congrats on a new guitar