what are the names of some really good scales to use in heavy metal? just gimme the name and il look it up
gypsy spanish scale
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Believe its phyrigian for the metallica sound
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I'm wondering the same. I use the pentatonic but all of my solos are starting to sound the same, and not exactly perfect for metal.
All of them!

Preferably two at once or in rapid succession.

Throwing flatted nines in is bonus points.
minor penatonic
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Actually, I'd say minor pentatonic, then learn the extra notes from the major scale.
That's because most music was built from blues. The blues scale is slightly different than just minor pentatonic, but it is negligible.

The easiest thing to do is just learn the pentatonic shape then add notes from the minor modes to that/alter the shape to your liking. I really like harmonic minor, it seems to shine when shredding/soloing. Otherwise minor pentatonic with plenty of bends on the 3rd and the 5th (I think) for blues. That never gets old.