Poll: Hummingbird or John Lennon?
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8 50%
John Lennon
6 38%
Other (same price range)
2 13%
Voters: 16.
So i'm wondering which acoustic i should get:

The Epiphone Hummingbird (cherry sunburst)

Or the Epiphone EJ-160 E John Lennon?

i'm kind of torn lol.

So which of them should i get? Or should I look into another guitar (in the same price range)?

Thanks for your help!
well the hummingbird is super nice i dont know about the john lennon i've heard its great but if it were me i would get the hummingbird
Do you need the pickup? The EJ-160E comes close to capturing that Beatles' sound, IMO more so than the Gibson version
I voted other.

For the price of the Lennon, try to find a Seagull, or maybe an epi Masterbilt for a bit more. Really, you should go play guitars in that price range and find out what you like.
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alright thanks for the advice. to be honest, i know very little about acoustic guitars, i'm planning on heading down to guitar center to try a bunch out next weekend. Also, i'm not a fan of the beatles, i 've just heard that the John Lennon Epiphone is a really good acoustic. As for the hummingbird, i have yet to try it out, but it looks so sexy lol. So let me narrow it down to tone/playability wise, which one should i get?
I wouldn't buy either of those.

Check out some Seagulls. They usually have nuts a bit wider than average though, so you'll want to play them to make sure they are comfortable. Also, the epiphone masterbilt series are a bit more expensive, but are great all solid wood guitars.
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idk exactly about the john lennon epi but i have an paul McCartney texan and i love it (but its a epi elitist so it may be different)

but if you are narrowing it down to tone/playability that's just personal preference, so just try out a bunch of guitars in your price range at GC or your local shop, make a couple trips, make the right decision suited for you
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