Hi guys, ive got a bit of a problem with my vibrato after i bend a string. If i bend the string down (towards the floor) i can then give it some vibrato no problem. But if i try to bend the string up (towards the ceiling) and try to add some vibrato i seem to have no control and it feels completely different. It either results in no real vibrato or pretty much bending down towards the original note again.

Any advice on what to do? Thanks
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keep bending down... if you cant (maybe you are using the high e string), use classical vibrato
Yeah i suppose i could do that. I just wanted to know if anyone had any tips that could help me with my up-bending vibrato.
"If you want beef, then bring the ruckus." - Marilyn Monroe
Practice, lots of. Only method of learning, do it over and over till you get it
Thats true, but practicing something wrongly is just as bad as not practicing at all.

And im obviously doing something wrong...
"If you want beef, then bring the ruckus." - Marilyn Monroe
No, because vibratto after bending takes time to develop...I'm working on mine right now, it was a point of discussion between a friend and I last week.

Obviously when you bend down, vibratto is going to be easier, because when you do vibratto, you're pulling your hand in that same direction.

The challenge is when you're bending up, like on the higher strings, to get vibratto on those. Talking with my friend, he was saying it's all in the wrist, and just rocking your hand back and forth kind of.

I would just continue practicing doing bends on the high e string, and then practicing your vibratto while it's bent. The more you do it, the more natural it will get.
I appreciate this, and the other posts too. I was just looking for tips for my technique to help this. Like, what do you do when you bend up and give it a wiggle? Do you base your ability to do it on your finger strength - being able to hold the bent note then adding the vibrato with ease without releasing the bend? I know im going to have to practise it. Obviously. I just wanted to knowwhat others do to get it right so i can aid my own practise. What others do may not necessarily work for me, but im looking for alternative ways of approaching this technique.

And yes, if i practice something wrongly, it will be put in my muscle memory for how to do the technique and make it even harder for me to acheive what i want.
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Use multiple fingers for the bend as well.

I almost use the side of my hand on the neck as a pivot point for the bending.
Personally, I found it best to learn how to vibrato on the lower 3 strings first, using 3 fingers. Once I had got good at this I moved on to vibratoing bent notes.

IMHO the most important aspect of this kind of vibrato is thumb placement. It should be hooked over the neck. With your 3 fingers in place, hook your thumb and then try and slide it along the neck, towards the headstock. It should not be an unreasonable distance, and if it's uncomfortable/sore then you've moved it too far. This reason for this is that what you're trying to do is rotate your hand, and the thumb is basically the pivot. Moving the thumb further helps create larger radius, leading to wider, smoother vibrato. So, bend the note and then rotate your fingers around the thumb. If it hurts then either you're doing it wrong, or my method isn't working. At first it will sound rubbish - mastering vibrato isn't something that takes a couple if days, it takes weeks/months/years. But if you keep practicing you'll finger strength will build, aswell as the muscles in your wrist, eventually becoming second nature.

I'd recommend practicing higher up the fretboard. The top 2 strings provide more resistance, which can enable you to build up strength quicker, or you can practice on G string.

Again, this is all from personal experience, so it may not work for you as it did for me, but let me know if it does help.

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i have the opposite problem, i'm much better at vibratoing up to the ceiling, lol. practice will help, i've got my vibrato on the lower-pitched strings approaching decent, if not amazing, by practicing.
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