hey im selling a esp ltd ex 400 bd plus a 80 pound hard case, im interested in selling or trading for another guitar, im selling cause i dont really play on it as much as i should, also want some guitar with a floyd rose etc, or a 7 string, also im selling a Crate GT1200h Guitar Amplifier Stack Head Amp.

info on esp ltd

Construction: Set Neck
Scale: 24.75”
Body: Mahogany w/black diamond plate
Neck/Fretboard: 3-pc. maple/rosewood
Inlays: Dots w/name at 12th Fret
Pickups: EMG-81 active set
Electronics: Volume, tone, 3-way toggle
Hardware: Black + Earvana compensated nut & Grover tuners
Bridge: Tune-o-matic w/stop tailpiece
Binding: None
Frets: 22 XJ
Colors: BD

ill post some pics soon, im looking for about 50 pounds for crate amp for a easy sale cheers for looking
Much are you looking for?

I have a nice Shine 7 string, just being set up this week...
Pics in one of my threads.
PM me if yer interested.

hey i was looking for about £600 so i can either get an ibanez or a trade about the same, it cost £800 and it comes with a 80 pound case, and there still selling for £750 cheers
i live near middlesbrough, north east of england, i think the crate is good at what it does dont expect a mesa boogie, however its easily as good as any ss marshall, the clean and gain is tight, and i was surprised about how good it is at loud volumes and at low 120 watts of head room, i brought it as a back up cause i was having trouble with my mesa boogie stilletto so i havent really used it since it was fixed hence the selling, it comes with a foot pedal etc
dude are you up for a trade for an ibanez RG570EX? pm me if you're interested cause i really like that ltd
Are you interested in any trades for the crate? I have the top end metal muff I'd swap for it. Think thats worth about 80 isnt it? I'm not too sure.
very nice.. one of my favorite guitars ! free bump
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yeah im interested in a trade for the crate if you can give me some details about the pedal etc cheers
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yeah im interested in a trade for the crate if you can give me some details about the pedal etc cheers

here's the UG reviews:


Its a great sounding pedal I just don't use it. Got it as part of an amp part-ex from a mate. Its in great condition due to it hardly being used. Its the best one of the series too cause of the top boost which is pretty nifty. Let us know what you think.
sorry mate, have you got anything else, its still only £50 plus shipping or free if you what to collect cheers
I'd be really interested in that, shame the only guitar I have for trade is neither 7 string or floyd rose! And I don't really want to spend that much on my next guitar tbh. Still, have a free bump for a sweet guitar
hey mate, no worries about the trade. I'f you've still got it in a week then I'll take it off your hands!

hey there must be someone want to trade for the esp ltd, looking for something round 600 hopefully with case cheers
ive decided that i'd be happy with 500-550 plus shipping, due to wanting to a 7 string ibanez probably an RG1527 if any one has one or just like it ill trade cheers
how about a trade for my charvel 475 deluxe?
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sorry but this is an old thread and ive traded both of this items cheers
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