Thoughts? I was only going to spend ~$500-700 on a new guitar but after seeing it I'm pretty temped to up the ante. Then again that means I could also consider other guitars for ~$850 as well.
I was just about to buy one the other day, but the store didn't have the one I wanted, and they wanted a down payment to order one in, so I didn't.

but they look like pretty good guitars, I like the idea of the EMG 81TW and 89 pickups, that way you have a coil tap for both of them.
Now officially has too much gear to list

PM me if you want to know about my recording setup
Well I was also recently set on one. Then i found the blackjack atx fr. It's pretty much the same thing with different finishes, an ebony fretboard, a somewhat stupid 12th inlay, and SD blackouts instead of coil tapped EMGs. Now i can't decide.