Does anyone know how i could possibly fix this?

I've got a Fender STARcaster. And although i'm getting an Agile AL-2000 around Christmas time... i'm wondering if there's any way to fix it. Because i have to retune it probably around twice a day. And it's not the strings... i just got new ones last week.


My new strings usually take a little while to bed in so maybe its that?

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Must be shitty machine heads or something then that keep going loose.
take it to a setup .

I once put some grafite (from pencils) in the nut . but my guitar sucks , so I didn't really care about it being f*cked up . It worked
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take it to a setup .

I once put some grafite (from pencils) in the nut . but my guitar sucks , so I didn't really care about it being f*cked up . It worked

I've already done this.

And before anyone says this, too: i've already checked my intonation... it's good.

Maybe it IS the machine heads... idk. And i'm pretty sure the strings have stretched in by now... because i play about 2-3 hours a day... and they've been on there a little over a week.

Have you checked the bridge? Make sure it's fully flat against the body.
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when tuning always tune UP, never go down to the note you want, always go up, or the gear will slip when you bend.
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Put better tuners on it.


I have guitars with grovers that stay in tune for quite a long time.
Economy guitars come with economy parts. And economy tuners dont stay in tune so good. The less a guitar cost the more they cut corners. I can keep a 35 dollar knock off in tune with the original tuners and factory plastic nut with no graphite. But a epi LP 100 I have wouldnt stay in tune for more than 5 minutes with original tuners.
make sure the bridge is flat against the body like said.

block it in the trem cavity if you have to.

wrap the string around the tuners 2-3 times locking the wrap by crosing the end of the string over if you have to.

lube all contact points including the nut cut with a pencil like said.

and if nothing works, and you want to keep the guitar, think about locking tuners.
because like said, starter guitars have shitty tuners.

not that expensive and will keep it in tune.

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Don't locking tuners cost around $50, though? Because if they're that expensive... srew it! I'm getting another guitar with grovers on it (AL-2000), and i've got a friend who wants to buy my guitar from me as soon as i get the Agile... so i couldn't care less then.

I was just looking for a CHEAP fix... if there was one. Like i said, i'm just gonna sell it anyays... if it's gonna be an expensive fix, i'll just stick it out for a few more months.

Thanks for responding guys!