I got a 2001 Ibanez S470 about a month ago and I still have no idea what the pickups are. From playing it, it has the glassy sound of a strat, and also works very well on distortion.

Don't mind the aesthetics, I got this for $160 :p

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Nice guitar and better price but, even if you had a recording I doubt anyone could tell you what pickups those are. Have you tried taking them out of the guitar and looking on the underside.

If I had to guess, I would say they're sort of Dimarzio because Seymour Duncans usually have their name on the front and Dimarzios and Ibanez have always been a common pair.
Perhaps a Humbucker from Hell in the neck?

but the only way to really know is to take them out and look at the back.
You got that for $160? ****, well done.

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Ibanez S's usually come with a pair of DiMarzio's/

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