so for some reason, my fingers refuse to do the hammer on in the first chord, any ideas why?
^That's pretty much it. I remember when I first went to learn that song, I couldn't play that hammer-on either. It takes some time. Try practicing minor 7th chords like that to get your fingers used to being like that.
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nah, it's the fact that you usually don't play chords with that shape. practice playing it with picking before, just until you get the hang of it. then when you can play it perfectly well with picking start hammering on.
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so for some reason, my fingers refuse to do the hammer on in the first chord, any ideas why?

Your poor, dumb fingers only do what you tell them to do. If you don't accept that
responsibility, don't try and put the blame on them. They'll take the blame, but
that won't help you get any better. I'm not trying to rag on you, but it's just funny
how many questions are posed like this. Whether its concious or subconcious, I'm
just trying to point on that thinking like this is holding you back.

So, if you decided to accept responsibility which is rightfully yours, the way to
approach it is start slow. Break all movements down into smaller pieces. Analyze
every movement. At some point you'll get it.

Here's the ultimate key to playing anything. There's only ONE thing you need
be responsible for: if you shine enough light on a problem, you can safely let your
brain and body do the rest. The light is your attention. That's really all you CAN
do. The rest takes care of itself. It really IS that easy.