hi, I'm looking to replace the pickups in my alder body squier strat from the 80s
it's hss and I'm replacing all 3 of them
i would like to get as close to the tones of neil young, robert fripp, joe satriani, bill nelson, hendrix, jerry cantrell, and blue oyster cult as i can
my budget will be about $200 us
i'll be playing through an american palomino v32, and the only pedal is a zvex fuzz factory

so what do people suggest?
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CorduroyEW - two of Smooth Grooves and one of his Heirtage PAFs, with the UG discount should run under/around 200 bucks.

his humbuckers are around $100 then $90 with the discount, the singles are $80, thats $72 with the discount, that adds up to $234 plus shipping from england
I'd like to go boutique but i simply can't afford it, so what other suggestions are there
Shipping isn't much at all. I don't know, 40-50 bucks more isn't a big deal to me. In any case, any set of HSS pickups is going to be pretty much 200 bucks. Cord's pickups are very affordable...And for what you're paying, they're much better than Duncan or Fender pickups.

75 bucks for a Seymour Duncan humbucker, 106 for two Seymour Duncan single coils. 180 bucks. 60 more bucks, and you can have a set that is much better. I say this, having owned some Seymour Duncan single coils. Not that great.
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Is this a MIJ 80's squier?

Sick guitar.

It is, got it for free too

maybe I'll save up $40, it'll take me a while though