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-What Was Your First Solo Ever Played On A guitar, And From What Band was it?

- How Long Did it took You to Learn?
- Can You Do it Really Good?

im Asking this Cause ive Been Playing Guitar for 2yrs Now, i can Do Solo Parts, but its Hard to Do it like in one time for me, i know in time ill learn.
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"Smells Like Teen Spirit".

But my first COMPLETE song came long before that, which was "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult.

I played the rhythm behind the solo.
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The 2nd solo in Metallica - Fade to Black.
Then the 1st.
Then the 3rd.

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Enter Sandman - Metallica because i refused to learn anything worse

hahahahahahaa Thats Hilarious xD
This has been done so many times.

Knockin' On Heaven's Door- GNR


Or does it?
*bum bum bum*
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Sweet dreams, marilyn manson.

Marilyn Manson Rocks, Damn, ok ill Have to stick On One Solo tho, So i can Practice!
Thanks For reminding me!
I'm Not Okay (I promise) - MCR, I was bored that day in music class and couldn't think of an easy band

Strat rip off
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your an 05'er how can u of been playing for two years
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the solos from comfortably numb

8/7/09 man, the pear broke loose.

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bass solo on my generation.

Me dos. How cool. Oh and like an evenings worth of practice?
Smells like Teen Spirit - Nirvana, because it was basically the vocal melody transposed. Then I learned Blind Mellon's "No Rain" solo, and I still **** up on the last part.

EDIT: I also learned the six note solo to Jumper by Third Eye Blind pretty early on... I just feel like a douche when I play that one though.
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Van Halen - Ain't Talkin Bout Love

It took me easily 6 months to get the entire song, but i refused to give up ha.
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Ain't talking 'bout love. decent song

EDIT: damn it, what are the chances?
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actually my first solo was wasting love - iron maiden
now i can play it pretty well and improvise a little too
then i learned the nothing else matters solo
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your an 05'er how can u of been playing for two years

Well, i didnt have time that much, i Know i Know, i Had another Guitar Before this one
but i started intensivly now, i mean i really am like, Hard Ass Working on Guitar, also got a lot of other shit on my mind xD
The Solo in Not Enough by Our Lady Peace.

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Half Shitfaced by The Queers
if you can even call that a solo. I haven't played it in a long time but it's all on the 'B' string and is pretty easy so I should be semi decent at it. It honestly took me like 3 hours to learn it, I was pissed it took so long.
Mine was Train Kept a Rollin' by Aerosmith. Followed by Purple Haze by Hendrix.
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Pshh through the fire and the flames... took me like 5 minutes to learn it....


on expert on guitar hero...

But actually, the intro to calm like a bomb(bass)-RATM
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I Wanna Be Sedated. lol

Ah but seriously, the first *proper and decent* solo I can remember doing half well well was Don't Fear The Reaper, til then it was rhythm.

Took a while learning it, but it was the first and I was proud of the fact I managed it
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The first FULL solo I learned was to Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria and it probably took a month to learn for me.
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my first one was either highway to hell or smells like teen spirit. i dont really remember because i learned them both at about hte same time
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