Hey guys.

I've got some music here... The first piece is not a song, but a slap bass solo, the other one is a song, but it's not in English, so there's no tab on UG (I've checked google as well).

So I was wondering are there some ear-skilled people out there to help me out with these ones turning them into a gtp?

P.S. I'm a beginner, and it would take me weeks to make a tab and polish it close to the original...
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Do you mean sheet music to guitar tab or that you want someone to transcribe these pieces for you??? What songs are they?
learn to read sheet music?
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if you mean take sheet music and put it into tab i can do it for bass and guitar. it might a take abit cause i haven't done it in a long time and i'm busy at school but i can give it a try.
If you put sheet music into guitar pro you could convert it to tab, would just require a few adjustments to make it playable
No, these are just 2 .mp3 files. No sheet music, I can read sheet music as well)).
It's just that I can't identify the notes correctly while listening.

One of the pieces is a slap bass solo, as I said, the other one is a quite beautifull blues/ballad song.
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So, are there any volunteers to help out and tab those songs?

I'd do something in return, but I wish I knew what.