I have the stock pickups out of my two guitars I need to sale
Ibanez Inf3 and Inf4-15 shipped for both
Stock MIM single coils-15 shipped for all 3
Heres a pic of the single coils, infs coming later tonight..

New Item!!
Ive also decided to go ahead and sell the tuners that came on my MIM strat and purchase a new set of black ones
Price is-25 shipped

I prefer paypal but will also accept money orders.
Pm me if interested.

hey are you in the uk ? and how do the mim pickups sound

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bunch of boss pedals
are the tuners locking?
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Pickups sold-pending payment...So someone go ahead and take these tuners off my hands so I dont have to worry bout this thread anymore hopefully. Take them now and ill knock 5 more bucks off..20 shipped for the whole set of tuners...
Can you give me an update on the tuners ?
I haven't received them yet.