I currently have

*B.C. Rich Revenge Warlock with two BDSM Humbuckers
*MIM Strat with modded/ two humbuckers and center single with standard Fender bridge

So I need a guitar that could switch from heavy metal tones to echoy (sp?) clean tones and crisp lead runs.

I was thinking of a PRS SE Custom but I would like to know the boards thoughts

I play stuff mostly like Coheed and Cambria, Rush, Protest, Russian Circles,etc
If you can afford a PRS, go for it.
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
PRS are nice but yeah i'd look into some schecters too. The c-1 classic is more than a SE but seems like it'd be right up your alley. Maybe try to find one used?
Get a startatocaster. (who was in that thread?)

Seriously tho, PRS and Schecter both make amazing guitars.
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^yeah that would be the problem here, they're a few tiles short of a roof and wouldnt undertand.

teh startatocaster is complete rippin rockin tits brah

i love my Schecter Semi-Hollow C-1 E/A
Try them both (PRS and Schecter), they're right up your alley. I'm actually waiting on my new PRS to arrive, but I love them both. Schecter's neck profile is a tad thicker iirc, and they pull off the really heavy tones a little better than a PRS imo. But for the bands you listed either brand's guitars, in general, would work great.
PRS: the Custom or the Allender signature, maybe the SE Tremonti
Schecter: C-1 in all it's forms, maybe a Tempest but I think the C-1s will do you better than a Tempest.