hey guys im seriously looking into the bugera 333 or bugera 333xl. if you have either please put your input in here, i would love to hear everything you have to say about them. from recommendations, problems, high points, built in effects, the footswitches, build of the amp, TONE... anything really. ive read both reviews and others online, and im pretty excited about these amps, now i just need some help from you guys... the owners!! thanks in advance!!
I'd say the 333XL
It has more features and costs a marginal amount more
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I'm trying to decide about buying that amp as well... I have talked to people, listened to video clips but heavent managed to try it out. My tip would be the Bugera thread or play it yourself!
Get the 333XL..well...because of the XL switches. It boosts the low end resonant frequency of your cab.

The tone on ALL Bugeras is superb.

My ONLY complaint is the footswitch. It's built like a tank except for plug. It's like the end of on old PS-2 mouse. There's 5 TINY little pins that will bend very easily if you're not careful.

...otherwise...great amplifiers!!

we have all these stupid official amp threads now, you guys might as well use them.

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