ok so i thought the black heart was like 320 but i checked zzsounds and its only 250 so this seems like an awesome deal to me now that i can afford it now. i'll probably order it in the next week unless somebody can give me something better within a couple hundred bucks for classic rock. def a tube and pref. low wattage so i can practice w/o a decimater and still get drive.
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yes, pointing it at your head will send the sound towards your head.

it's the same with guns too, before you go testing that one.
buy it. buy a bad monkey OD or a nice OD pedal if one is in your price range, i love my blackheart LG.

PERFECT for classic rock. it can do hard rock and light metal too.

slash_edit: oh and i have clips on my profile. demonstrates a few of the different sounds you can get. done w/ my G-400 (modded with SD hot rod set).
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yea i've had my eye on those for a while, and I love their handsome devil series, but at almost 500$ don't know if that is as much as a deal.

Great amps though, well made and sound great. Handles pedals well too.
I just finished building my ts808, I would love to hear what that sounds like with a good OD pedal. I'm actually planning on studying abroad in ireland or scotland soon, and I need a small amp that still sounds great, but is very portable...

either that or a EVJ. but it sounds like you won't be disappointed with it. I wonder if there is a music store nearby the campus that sells these lol. I wonder how I would search for that haha
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It's a very nice amp, but I wouldn't get it because I have a feeling you want a bedroom volume amp for practicing. It won't get any overdrive without it being pushed. Sure, you could get an OD pedal, but I would rather have a master volume amp that can be quiet and have overdrive than an overdrive pedal on a clean tube amp.