Poll: Who is the best grunge singer
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View poll results: Who is the best grunge singer
Kurt Cobain
8 35%
Chris Cornell
8 35%
Layne Staley
2 9%
Eddie Vedder
3 13%
Andy Wodd
0 0%
Mark Arm
1 4%
Mark Lanegan
1 4%
0 0%
Voters: 23.
Self-explanatory. Who do you think the best.
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Eddie Vedder
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kurt cobainnnnn
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my favorite is Kurt Cobain by far, but the best is probably Chris Cornell.
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the combination of layne staley and jerry cantrell if alice in chains is considered grunge.
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Best singing ability is obviously Cornell or Lanegan but favorites are Cornell and Staley.
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Staley is insanely.. awesome. And that was a really lame rhyme.
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