So, I'm considering getting a Polyphonic octave genorator (POG) but it's like $350, and like most guitarists, I'm totaly poor and stuff. So, what i'm wondering is...Are there other pedals that are just as good, but cheaper, and is the POG worth the money? The reason i want something like the POG is that My jam band is looking for a synth/organ player (either would be awesome) but our prospects are limited, so i figure i could do some synth-style sounds on my guitar if i had a POG, or something like it... Suggestions?
There was a POG at my local music shop for 50$, just saying.
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have you ever ventured outside of the pit? there is a place called "Guitar Gear and Accessories" which might have better answers than the pit, since it is dedicated to actual guitar related questions. Just a thought....
The POG is pretty unique. I think EHX makes a Micro Pog that costs less. You might wanna check it out. Take this question to Guitar Gear and Accessories, you'll get a better answer.
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I never understood why pedals were so expensive. You think they could at least throw in an AC adaptor for the price you're paying.
Pedals have their uses. Bicycles would be difficult to pilot without them. Cars would be challenging if you had to operate the brakes, clutch and throttle by hand.