I was wondering if the EMG 81 or 85 pickups would work in my guitar.
I have an Ibanez RG4EXFM1.
Thank you.
Yep. Would you replace the single coil with an EMG Single, or leave it as is?
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yes, but you would need an emg single coil in the middle position to make your life a whole lot easier. it could be done with leaving it be, but your best bet is going all active.
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Well I would have just gotten either an EMG 81 or 85 in the bridge, because I don't have that much money.
Why would making them all actives make things easier?
And thanks everyone for replying.
Because the active pickups are much higher output than passive ones (obviously) which means there will be a signifigant volume drop when swithing pickups on your guitar. You can make it work, but it isn't recommended. Especially with a single coil which will be much lower output.
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Whether or not you can even add EMG's in and still have passives depends on your volume/tone knob setup. If multiple pickups share the same volume or tone knob then you can't do it. EMG's used different pots then passives. But if you do have separate volume/tone control you can do it, you'll just have to replace the pots of the vlume/tones associated with the location fo where you'd want the EMG. Personally I'd just go all active though, it makes like a whole lot easier.

And ya you'll need a bettery too, but that would probably fit in the pre-existing cavity.

If you do decide to put EMG's in i'd refer to the gear customizing seciton for help.
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