I'm interested...tell me in your opinion the ten greatest songs of all time

mine personally

10. Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple
9. Scar Tissue by Red Hot Chili Peppers
8. Black Dog by Led Zeppelin
7. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
6. Imagine by The Beatles
5. Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers
4. Blowin' in the Wind by Bob Dylan
3. Hey Jude by The Beatles
2. Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin

And the Greatest song of all time...

1. Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix
None of those would be n my top. You listen to nothing but mainstream classic and modern rock.
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i disagree with most... stairway is one of the worst zep songs...SO overated

EDIT: I LOVE led zeppelin, but they wrote so many better songs
best song ever is misery business obviously...
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Take a listen to Machine Gun by Hendrix. Great song. In my top 5.

Edit: Top 5-ish

5. Hey Jude (Beatles)
4. Kashmir (Led Zeppelin)
3. Hey You (Pink Floyd)
2. Machine Gun (Hendrix)
1. Tom Sawyer (Rush)

I questioned putting Pinball Wizard in there.... it's a close top 5.

Mainstream classic rock... I know, I don't care.
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Meh. I love all of those songs, but as far as being on the top, I'd look for some songs that have more meaning that Purple Haze (which is about being high out of your f**king mind)

All I think is that Imagine should be at the top of the list (and it's by John Lennon only, not the Beatles > ) maybe followed by Castles Made of Sand by Hendrix. MAYBE. Imagine is definite though.
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best song ever is misery business obviously...

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my top 10(ish)
10. Mussolini v. Stalin -Gogol Bordello
9. House of the Rising Sun
8. Halluljah- Leonard Cohen
7. the mariner's revenge song-the decemberists
6. the organ grinder (english translation...not the actual name of the composition)- Schubert
5. Ave maria
4. karma police-radiohead
3.epistrophy- thelonious monk
2. preachin blues- son house
1. ball and biscuit- the white stripes
guys lets npot hate on people for their choices

mine wud prbly be, not in any order

1) Everlong - Foo Fighters (just pure masterpiece)
2) Black - Pearl Jam
3) Live and Let Die - Guns N' Roses version
4) Come Sail Away - Styx
5) Panama - Van Halen (a classic)
6) Pinball Wizard - The Who
7) Devil in Disguise - Elvis (you can't have a greatest list and leave out elvis)
8) Kashmir - Led Zeppelin (typical but i love it)
9) Friend of a Friend - Foo Fighters
10) Rock and Roll - Led Zeppelin (so defining and even playing it is amazing)
5. led zeppelin- tangerine
4. neil young- don't let it bring you down
3. metallica- orion
2. sparks- the who
1. thick as abrick- jethro tull
Hey Jude by Wilson Pickett with Duane Allman on guitar > Hey Jude by the Beatles
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