I'm working on a kind of indie-pop song that i have started to record.

But i need more verses and maybe a refrain

here are the lyrics so far:

why so sad, we have all they have

baloons, the greens, the mystery machines

sand, the sun, people around

kiss and love thats what i found

don't Mind the time, it just goes around

like cars and trains and things in our brains

short and bald, it makes you feel small

but now it's time to stand up and shine

and here is the song so far http://www.speedyshare.com/343503225.html

It's a pretty catchy song so it would be fun to get it complete!
Please give the rules the once over. The main S+L Forum is just for posting lyrics, and for making changes as per the critiques you receive. If you would like help with finishing your song then use the techniques forum.
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