Hey, I'm looking for a PA System (I want to start doing vocals) but I know nothing about them. I have a Randall RX120DHS amp (it's a 120 watt solid state half stack) and I'm not sure how many watts the PA system needs to be just as loud or louder then my amp cranked up real loud... I was going to buy a cheap $200 PA but my guitar teacher said it won't be near loud enough for my amp... He said it had to be at least 500 watts to be as loud as me. I know nothing about all this so could someone experienced with all this help me out please? Does my guitar teacher know what he's talking about?

EDIT: I play death/thrash metal if that matters at all.
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why do you need a pa when you have a half stack???

I wanted to start doing vocals too. Play rythym guitar and do vocals.
Get a couple powered speakers. Behringer B215A are about 280 bucks apiece. If money isn't a problem get a couple of those JBL's with the built in crown power. AS far as a board there are many choices. Again Behringer on the low end. I have Xenyx 1222FX I use in my studio and for my acoustic trio that cost 200 bucks and is a good deal fro the money.