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Blackheart 15w combo
12 50%
Epi Valve jr
4 17%
Peavey Valve King
8 33%
Voters: 24.
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First tube amp!

I've decided instead of buying pedals to improve a shit tone, I'm going to buy a new amp and sell the old one and stick the cash I get from that into an OD pedal.

Now I play many genres so a somewhat versatile amp is needed. I play clean stuff so a somewhat decent clean tone. I would like crunchy rock tones as well...

Heres the hard part. I would like it to do Thrash and metal but i know if i'm going to have to put out a lot of money to get something that can do good cleans, good crunch and br00tal metal tones.

If i get a high gain OD and an EQ pedal will that help me get something a bit heavier?

Price is also an issue. I cant spend more that hmmm... Lets say $800 AUD.

Remember, there is a pretty big price difference between the valve king and the Blackheart/Epi amps...
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Save your money and get an Orange Rockerverb 50. The most amazing cleans ever and it has the most gain i have ever heard in a amp. I get a jcmish high gain with the knob only at 5-6.
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You can get a nice crate v33-212 for 250 at guitar centers website, much better tone than the valveking in my opinion and it'll be cheaper, out of your choices I'd say the blackheart or the valveking though depending on how much volume you need
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none of those. peavey classic 30! with an eq and overdrive or distortion, you'll be able to get as heavy as you want. with JUST a distortion i get really nice hardcore and metal tones, with a good EQ i could probably get even better. plus, it's quite cheap, you can snag one easy for $400 US. the extra cash could be put into a bunch of pedals or guitar upgrades, and you'll be quite happy. it's a really nice, versatile machine. and cheap!
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Orange amps eh? Well the only way for me to make enough money to buy one here in Australia would be to sell all my internal organs...
I say get the Valveking. Suits me just fine for my purposes... Later on you can get a Bad Monkey overdrive for your metal needs. The equalizer will be very useful to remove muddiness, so I think you should be fine.
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Orange amps eh? Well the only way for me to make enough money to buy one here in Australia would be to sell all my internal organs...

im in a similar position to you and a Laney VC30 or VC15 may be your best bet

or a Peavey classic 30 but they're a bit more
Blackheart it is then.

I'm going to the store on the weekend to try them out. I don't intend on buying yet 'Cuz i cant afford it yet but i would like to know what it is that im saving for.