Okay, It's the new album, and It's not out yet...

But my friend was on Mininova the other day and downloaded it. So does anyone else have it, or is mine a fake.
Here's the Tracklisting:

1.That Was Just Your Life
2.The End of the Line
3.Broken, Beat & Scarred
4.The Day That Never Comes
5.All Nightmare Long
7.The Unforgiven III
8.The Judas Kiss
9.Suicide & Redemption
10.My Apocalypse

So it's really good, and does anyone else have it. And don't yell at me about downloading it, I PROMISE ON CLIFF BURTON'S GRAVE THAT I WILL BUY IT WHEN IT"S RELEASED.

So yeah. Its delicious. Anyone else have it yet?
its real
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No, I feel kinda iffy about it. Metallica let me down when St. Anger came out. I don't think I can be hurt again.

Anyway, what does it sound like? 'Nutty' I presume.
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old news. sorry but at this point half the ppl in the world with interenet have already downloaded it. sombody will likely report this within the next 3 posts. there is also a sticky on this.

but in my opinion i have yet to hear it and they may as well have realeased it already seeing as how they dont care its been leaked
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I like it. It's back in Eflat tuning for most of it (unlike the disappointing dropC# of St. Anger).
It's got some slower bits on it, but the solo's are great. You can also hear the bass a bit more, unlike (almost) all previous releases. And the faster bits are just really good.
Lyrically - It's good, that's hard to judge on a flat plane.

But I Like it. Just a few days till its out, so find out for yourself.
Quote by atlasguitar
No, I feel kinda iffy about it. Metallica let me down when St. Anger came out. I don't think I can be hurt again.

Anyway, what does it sound like? 'Nutty' I presume.

you'll not be let down with this album! i just downloaded it today and it kicks ass! it's a little better than st. anger....lol jk, it's like 25X better. i would say i like this album more than kill 'em all, judas kiss is SO good. they did a great job in bringing back the old metallica sound without it sounding like recycled material. this album is a must have!!

btw bassistkid90 the cd is in E not Eflat for the most part, i think there might be one song that is in drop D but im not totally sure on that.
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Honestly, i don't find it that great
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Quote by Wells-Zeppelin
Honestly, i don't find it that great

Me neither. Compare it to the latest Testament, and it certainly is nothing more than mediocre.
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