Alright this is everything i have at my disposal.

An ibanez guitar
a boss me-50
guitar software including guitar rig and amplitude
a measely peavey (or whatever it is) amp.

These are my my questions

1. How can i get that sound out of the amp i have?
2. How can i get the sound out of the computer?
3. Since the peavey amp sucks, and i don't want to have to set up a computer, which amp would be best for this song? Please keep in mind that i do play other stuff.

Don't give me assumations. I WANT EXPIERIENCE HERE PEOPLE...I mean really seriously. If you have my gear, then do me a favor, see if you can get that sound out of it for me please and thank you
Well im not ebaying the guitar because ive done some "modifacations" to the wires and stuff to give a a really different sound (i don't understand how to do it, my friend showed me on countless occasions and i still don't quite understand it, so don't ask me what he did.) I can't sell the amp thats why im asking for a good suggestion. And as for the me- 50, whatever, it was a really nice place to start and i get a pretty good sound out of it despite what everyone says about all the sounds in it sucking. however your suggestion has been noted