i just got $500 for a birthday gift and im looking for a new guitar in that price range, but im looking for one that has a really good bridge pick up for sweeping picking, i want it to be active as well as ive never tried them, also dont say i need a new amp please
I know you said to please not say this but sorry........ you would benefit much better from a new amp.

Your Xiphos + a new amp >>>>>>>>>>>> any guitar + spider III

in my opinion

EDIT- just looked at the specs on your guitar

its most likely better than anything $500 will get you
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Wow, sell the head and cab and get a better combo. And then save the rest of the money for a nice guitar.
You will be much happier this way, might take a while but way worth while.

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+Infinity. This dude knows good metal.
The middle or neck pickup selection would be more suitable for sweeps, and also having the right settings. New amp better for your styles is highly recommended.
EDIT Maybe see if you can buy an original FLoyd Rose to replace that edge 3.
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You need a new amp. A new guitar would be a waste of money. Line 6 amps regulate guitars in a way that makes one guitar with humbuckers indistinguishable to another with humbuckers.

Same thing goes for single coils.

New pickups aren't going to make your sweep technique any better. Nor is it going to make them sound any cleaner.

Practice Practice Practice.