Here's the story. Have you ever had a friend or someone close to you that no matter what, he/she had to be the best, have the best, and just overall be better than you? Well, that's my best friend for you. I've been playing guitar for a few years, first I had note lessons for about 3 years, then quit, and now I'm playing tab for fun for about a year. My friend got his guitar in February, and guess what, he thinks he's better than me. . But, not just that, he has to get in my face how his Ibanez SAS36FMTG is so much better than my two crappy guitars (which it obviously is) so, I'm taking a step up, and getting a brand-new Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top. (In Cherry Sunburst)

Which one is better? Which do you like better? Does it really make a difference on the Epi what amp you have? And also is there some review that compares the two?

EDIT: I know this sounds like I want to compete with him, but I just want to see what people like better. No need to freak out. IMO, I can't get enough of the Les Paul. Love it.
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I hate Ibanez. So I say Epiphone.
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What do you like better?
Ive always hated epiphones, seriously, i love ESP and Ibanez, and of course gibson and fender, but brands like epiphone and lower brand names always disgusted me for some reason.

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+Infinity. This dude knows good metal.
what that guy said. but i'd say your friend's is better than an epi... how about save up and get something worthwhile. so you don't have 3 crappy guitars.
yeah i agree with little angus get better friends. and also stop competing with your friend. it wont help unless you find yourself working on your guitar playing and sounding better than your friend. thats the only way you can show him up... also, dont buy an epi they suck go with a better ibanez
How about you grow up and stop wasting our time?

How are any better than him if you want to turn around and say "OMG my guitar is so much better!!!"? Just play the damn thing and ignore your friend.
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Dude, calm down. It's not a competition, and I can already obviously play better than him. I have my mind set on the epi, and I just wanted to see what people prefered. That's all.
You aren't allowed these type of versus threads.

But anyway to answer the question about what "I Prefer": I would rather have a mid end Epi than a mid end Ibanez. But i'd usually rather a low end Ibanez than a low end Epi.

Its all preference. And usually Epi is more bang for your buck imo, but Ibanez can be super good if you find one with some good features that doesn't cost a load.
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Dude, calm down. It's not a competition, and I can already obviously play better than him. I have my mind set on the epi, and I just wanted to see what people prefered. That's all.

id have to go with the ibanez, but before you get anything make sure you try it first. i would recomend ibanez 320 (500usd) or if his favorite color is blue or orange and you want to crush him get the s470 (650usd) xD.

good luck with w/e you get
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Read my Custom used title and youlle know why i just creamed my pants to one of those two guitars.

BTW, hes ignorant, dont be friends with him anymore.