Alllllright. Aside from the teeth of the footswitch bending to forcing the thing in the wrong way and causing some of the lights to not come on (but still work, and the fix was just bending the teeth back), my amp has another problem..

Its a combo. on the back, there are 2 loudspeaker input jacks by the impedance switch. Strangely enough, the other day, the right one didnt work. I got power to the head, the footswitch (with the lights coming on), just the tubes didnt light up. I switched to the other, it works. Minutes later i switch back to the problem input, it works.

Now, 3? days later, mysteriously neither are working.
I've put my fingernail into the fuse thing (what i can of it) and tried to move it for any effect :\ however it messed up before this and i barely turned it.

Any ideas?
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Take it to your tech. Bugeras are noturiously unreliable and you shouldn't do anything to void your warrenty. Try different cables and a different guitar.
I cant get back there to mess with that speaker cable very well :X The tubes wont even light up now. Yet just watch, just like last time, itll start working again.

I hope it does :X
I had a similiar problem. 3 months after I got my 6262 head, it just died randomly. The tubes stopped lighting up and it wouldn't make any sound. It took a few weeks for me to be able to get it to an AUTHORIZED Behringer repairshop (which is necessary for warranty repairs) and another month and a half to get it back (yesterday).

Apparently a connector in the ciruitry had come loose and all the guy had to do was remove the connectors and solder the wires together. He said there was a bulletin about it for the Behringer repair guys so its obviously a common problem.
a guy told me that the tremolo bar was called the "distortionator"
It would void the warrenty. Bugera warrentys are very touchy and specific and llok for every possible way to get you to void the warrenty.
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It would void the warrenty. Bugera warrentys are very touchy and specific and llok for every possible way to get you to void the warrenty.

Yeah, that's what kind of scared me into selling my 6262 half stack. They are overly strange with their warranty (I mean c'mon, a retube voids the warranty? HUH?). Like they don't want anybody else to "look" inside of it. Or maybe it's just to keep clueless idiots out. I dunno, but in the end I bought the 6505 if for nothing but security/warranty purposes.
I'm taking it to the shop where I bought it tomorrow, theyre gonna look at it and if they can't do anything theyll send it back. I have it under warranty, the site said it went through, hope i didnt do it a day late :\ Either my amp or guitar i THINK i may've done a day late...? Maybe my guitar.

Even if they work on it, it wont void the warranty...?
And if the fuse is blown, i wouldnt get power to the lights/footswitch, right? Cause my power/standby/footswitch lights come on but not the tubes, and thereby sound...
if Bugera set it up then no it won't void your warrenty. Hopefully it is just a fuse and easily replaced. I would ask them that if they run into something that is NOT covered under warranty to call your cell phone first. Tell them you expect to pay nothing. If they say it is going to be a week or two to diagnose then push. They may end up sending it in for replacement anyway so you may have to wait anyway.

now...what about your guitar? Are you saying your guitar's warranty expires a day later?

i would also stay away from extended service plans. There should be amp techs in your area that would charge less down the road for something and you forget about the warrantly. Fuse being one of them. A fuse is maybe 99 cents. Labor shouldn't be that much either if that is all it is. I would think your description would lend itself to a fuse but i'm not an amp tech... ....wow that was long, sorry.
No no long is good!
Nah, i think that my guitar was like "you have 10 days to put this under warranty".

But yeah, a fuse; its weird, this happened a few days back first (with one input on the speakers not working, the other did), then moments later the seemingly faulty one began working again. This time, neither do...

The shop i bought it from said it would take up to 6 months, but typically takes 2-3 weeks.


Ideas/thoughts? Things to say? I'm gonna mention that i dont really wanna pay anything.
6 months?

F that.

find someone who will do it for 20 bucks or something...oh never mind just follow the procedure. Ask if they can do an Advanced RMA (Return Materials Authorization) meaning Bugera ships one now and they (shop) sends yours once received.

aahh..never mind...prolly won't work.

man, good luck
Um, no way.
Man, I feel sorry for you.
You need to take the bull by the horns on this and
maybe communicate with Behringer.
Surely SOMETHING can be done to speed this up.
I'd be beyond pissed over that kind of service...