Guys with long hair? Im guess i am a pretty good looking guy. But my hair has grown really long over the summer. So girls of the Pit, do chicks dig guys with long hair?
people used to tell me all the time to cut my hair, but when i eventually got a girl she said that it would be a terrible mistake if i did. so i guess it just depends on the type of girl
Just fucking wash your hair. Seriously you don't know how disgusting it is to see someone with greasy, frizzy, uncombed hair.
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i'm a dude here, i had long hair for a while (like reaally long), then i cut it and donated it, they like me better now. i don't know which is your thing, but it works out personally shorter.

but i say, do what you want to do, then go with the girls that are in to that

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Honestly, girls are all different. Some like hair long, some short, some medium, and others bald.
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I lurve long hair on guys
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Long, short, neither one worked for me. Maybe bald is next?


Either way, good luck getting the p00n, TS. Maybe if you can deliver some Luvthrows into a nice FUPR, you won't make a thread like this again.
i wouldnt say i got long but maybe medium-long i get compliements all the time on it and my gf loves it so i guess its good
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I had long hair once, cut it, and got a girlfriend. Probably cause I could continue strong conversations with her, and she was interested in me, but it could also be that I got a haircut.
I don't.

I like it short.

And for some reason I find mohawkish haircuts extremely sexy.
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Depends on the girl I'd imagine, I have long hair but i've never had a girl... BUT I am also increadibly shy so i dunno, I might just be ugly anyway
If you just grow it and dont take good care of it, it will look nasty. Keep good care of it.
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Chicks love long pubes, smart move to grow them out.

Yeah dude, combine epic pubes with epic facial hair, and ladies can't resist you. Grow them both out very long, weave your pubes into your beard and strum it like a harp.

The ladies will never know what hit them.
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Its not super long like Jerry Cantrel. Like its about a foot down my back. Like where my shoulder blade starts.
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Just fucking wash your hair. Seriously you don't know how disgusting it is to see someone with greasy, frizzy, uncombed hair.

Lol, that last part would be me. The frizz. At least i'm working on it though. Going to the store soon to get new shampoo and conditioner.
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Its a personal preference. For me? Yes..yes I do

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this question should be stickied or something people ask it every week. At least searchbar please
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It depends both on the girl's preferences and what YOU look best in. I had shaggy hair most of my life, grew it a little less than shoulder length, then buzzed it off at the beginning of the summer. Not to sound conceited (;D) but my family has naturally beautiful thick shiny hair, but the general agreement reached by my ex's and friends galore is that I looked the best with a medium length cut. It just suits me better.

The point I'm trying to get across to you is that without pictures of all different kinds of styles on you, no one can say for sure what looks better. If you can look GOOD with long hair, then rock it. If you can look "metal" with long hair, then it's a good idea to cut it (no offense) unless you like hardcore chicks. You have to cater to both the girl and to yourself, ya hear?
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Mikeal Akerfelt has really sexy hair, he probably gets bitches like none other.
Once my beard grows out I'll have the long hair and beard going. I'm 6'4, 270 lbs, and will be quite hairy. I'll be looking for chicks who are into beastiality.
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