I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this kind of stuff, let me know if it isn't.

I've been messing around in Fruity Loops lately and made a couple songs. The second, FL 2, is definitely more complex harmonically and overall musical wise, but I think I like the FL 1 more. Any comments/criticism would be great, thanks.

Both are in my UG profile.
Thanks the input. I composed it all from scratch in Fruity Loops, so no outside instruments. Everything was done on Fruity Loops. If you're not familiar with it they have a piano roll which is pretty much a huge grid of notes and you put where you want each note and adjust the length, etc. Your recording sounds great, I commented on the thread.
the recording sounds great indeed!

5/5 for FL1 man, include it in a Mike Oldfield album and noone would notice!

FL2 is also good (specially at the start), but I like FL1 more, 4/5

awesome job with that Fruity Loops software man oO

i rated the songs in your profile aswell

Thanks a lot, I definitely agree that FL1 sounds better. I commented on yours in your thread.