Why not instead take this opportunity to develop a knowledge of IC's and their operation and build your own pedal? It won't do much good to have others do work for you, whereas if you were to take any of the numerous timer circuits readily available for the 555 and build the standard stompbox components around it you would come away with a better understanding of these sorts of things.

That being said, I don't recall what the typical operation times for the 555 are, but you may be able to wire the input and have it terminate on activation of the timer. Though I think this is contrary to the standard operation of off/on within the circuit.
isnt this just a Tremolo pedal with the depth up to 10?
Thinking about it some more:
I don't think you'd be able to interrupt the typical guitar signal with the 555, because like jim says - you'd make and lfo (and someone correct me if I'm wrong) which commonly generate a square wave/pulse along the lines of a stepped tone generator- correct?

It'd be more along the lines of a tone generator with variable pitch...if you work the guitar signal to alter the pitch then that'd be pretty cool - though probably not useful in the least.

GIANTEDIT: Well, goes to show how very wrong I can be - here's a tremulous bear - a dedicated tremolo built around a 555 ic, among other things.
Schematic -

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Wow, that's got all kinds of crazy crap in there, doesn't it? MOSFETs, an LDR, a Darlington transistor... Not to mention a butt-load of pots and switches.

I really like the waveform switch.

This looks interesting...

edit: Derek, when getting a 555 for this trem, make sure it's a CMOS 555!
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