So I just joined a thrash metal band a few weeks back and I feel like such a loser with my crap gear (I have a Squier and some crap 15 watt practice amp). I pretty much just use one of the lead guitarist's amp (some Bandit combo amp that is not too great) when we are playing... and he plays through his Marshall JCM800 Half Stack (/drool).

So anyways, enough of me bashing my equipment that has served me well for the past 2 years practicing - but I now need something better that I can take to practice. Obviously I need new everything, but I'm going to start with my amp. Here are the guidelines:

- We play pretty much exclusively Thrash Metal (Megadeth, Anthrax, old Metallica) and some Death & Black Metal (Death, Venom, Possessed).. sometimes we will play something a bit softer (Fade to Black, Nothing Else Matters is all I can think of) but generally we play Thrash.. the lead guitarist kind of is biased in that area (which is fine).

- If possible, I would LIKE something with a decent clean tone because I do play rock/doom/a bit blues sometimes when I practice with myself/drummer, but this is not at all a requirement

- I need something fairly cheap.. I am 16 and LAZY. I work at home (Web Freelancing) and can make like $20 an hour but see previous sentence. I am hoping to have finished this $800 job by the end of this month, and would like something around that price so I can buy something then.

- I would absolutely LOVE something with nice distortion so I do not have to use a pedal, but I do have a Grunge Distortion pedal (eww...) and my Dad's PODXT Live if he is feeling generous.. not sure how good of a metal tone I can get for my budget

I am thinking a used Peavey 5150/6505 combo is the best option... but is there anything cheaper (or something better altogether)?

Feel free to suggest Guitar's as well in the $400-700 price range. I am thinking of a Schecter C-1?

Again, this is a THRASH metal band, with some death/black/core influence (yes I said core, some of our originals have some core-like breakdowns), and I am the Rhythm guitarist. Here are some songs we played last practice:

- Am I Evil..?
- Enter Sandman
- Mechanix
- Go To Hell
- Raining Blood
- Peace Sells
- Crystal Mountain

The Bugera 333's. They're bright and I think they may come with EL's.

Edit: Randall G50TC should work as well.
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Either a 5150 or a Valveking 100. The Valveking is pretty flexible and has some perfect cleans. I'm very impressed. For thrash it should be enough. If you need more gain, just get a decent boost pedal, but for $550 it's a great head.

The C-1 Classic is a beautiful guitar. I'd love to get one, but that jumps it to about $800 or so. The regular C-1 is basically that guitar without the vine inlays (unless they changed the lineup). The neck is very smooth and easy to play. The only thing is that without a tremolo and the neck being through the body, you can't really get any sort of dive at all, but it's not a deal breaker, at all.

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i'd say, for older thrash, a jcm 900 if you can find one. or the bugera 333XL, the 333's big brother :]

and guitars, i'm a big fan of LTD/ESP. you can get really great playing guitars in the $400-$700 range ie. the MH-500, EC-500, EX-400, etc.
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