I've noticed on UG nobody likes MG's or Line 6 Spider amps, and I want to know why. I've never really used either, even though I have an MG it's only 10 watts and I only use it for practice. Can someone explain?
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This was directed to me by the way.
Use the damb searchbar and you'll see why.
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the MG doesnt have any balls...

no one likes the MG compared to other marshalls .. because its a Solid state amp. and the better sounding marshalls are tube amps
Think I've seen this same thread before. I shall explain from my PoV:

I've never owned a Line 6 and never will. I have had a few different MG models, please don't ask why. Basically, they suck. "They're just practice models" blah blah blah...for being practice models, they still suck. It was probably the worst product a music related corporation could ever put out. There is nothing desirable about them.
I've been playing since february and the MG 15DFX was my first amp, and it sounds good and has all these effects and stuff until you start getting good then you realise how unfull your tone is, it seems really hollow when you play on a tube amp or something better for the first time. I just bought the Crate V18 112 and it is soooooo much nicer sounding, gives you the real crunch and has a full tone that the MG severely lacks.