What chords could you use for this scale?

F G A A# B C# D#

and how do you figure out what chords to use for the other keys
with these types of scales?
F G A Bb Cb Db Eb F would probably be easier nomenclature for it

1 2 3 4 b5 b6 b7 8

Looks to be like a Locrian Major. Im dont really know many non-western scales and such.

It could easily be used over a Dominant7b5 chord. or Dominant7b13, Dominant9.

Mainly Dominants with b5's or b13's. I would say just alrered dominants, but you could end up playing that over a 7#9 or something..

Heres a link to the scale http://www.freakguitar.com/locrianmaj.html