17 , 2 years of experiencee , down to jamm and shitt . anywhere from pop/punk-hardcorree whatteverr mann . down for a band too .
isnt jersey the capital of america...well next to san fran?

EDIT: gay capital
"Spin the middle side topwise. Topwise!"

"And there's Jimmy Page, the biggest thief of American Blues music"
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In the 973 buh i have a car and shitt so it doesnt matter to mee . Youu have a band or anythinn ?
I mean i've only been playin for twoo years and i like how you guys are serious buhh if you don't mind thenn it's whatever i'm jus down to play .
I'm down to play with either of you. I'm 17, live in Princeton and have been playing guitar for 6 years