For the old members here you must know by now that my main genre is Symphonic Black Metal so I thought I'd change the scenary a little bit and post a song by another project I have which is mainly a thrasy thing..

So, with no further dudes, the song is called "The Fury" and you can find it on my profile when you click my user name.. Everything is played by me, the lyrics are mine but the vocals were done by my best friend.

Check it out, I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine aka C4C
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
flawless playing dude oO you really can play man, the recording is also really good

vocals tone dont fit really well for me tho :S I was waiting for a more growling voice tbh

the song is good but didnt really got me to headbang, and Im a thrash metal freak! so I guess you have to experiment a bit more the genre

I rated the song aswell in your profile


Wow that was awesome man loved the pinches and the bass sounds really good and wow at the drums, can i ask how you record??? your guitar to your PC??? i use line in and its pretty shitty when comparing to yours, your guitar sounds like any professional recording!! theres really nothing more i can say the solo was great i wasn't too keen on the vocals i think they needed to be a bit more angry if that makes sense lol..great stuff

Check out mine