Hi Guys.
Do you know any difference between the pickups of these guitars:

Tremonti SE
SE custom
Santana SE
SE singlecut
The catalog says:

Tremonti SE: PRS designed treble and bass humbucking pickups
SE custom: PRS designed treble and bass humbucking pickups with zebra bobbins
SE singlecut: PRS designed treble & bass humbucking pickups

Does it mean they are just the same?

And what is zebra bobbin?
well i have a PRS SE custom very nice pickups indeed especally for a guitar of that price
i was under the impression that they all have the same pickups

the "zebra bobbin" is the colour of the pickup cover one coil is cream one coil is black giving a zebra look the single cuts pickups have just a black cover its only for show no tonal differnce
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My SE Custom sounds pretty much the same as the SE Singlecut of a friend of mine. I'd say they're the same - btw they're very good pickups for the price. Only the Japanese Jazzmaster gave its sound a run for its money (but was not what we were looking for). I heard/read somewhere the Tremonti SE *does* have different pickups. Solution to everything: go to the store and test.
They all have the same pickups
same for the soapbars

but thy do sound great,
I had a Santana SE and that thing was great!
You can easily swap them for seymour pickups if u didnt like the stock ones anyway
but the stock ones are fine!
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Quote by lorrythebassguy
They all have the same pickups
same for the soapbars

Soapbars should be different. They are not humbucker.
^He meant for the guitars that have soap bars in them, all the SE series that have soap-bars in them are the same pickups, and all the ones with humbuckers in theory have the same pickups, not that they All have the same pickups.