Unfortunately, Internal Affairs have announced recently that they have ended the band, as they wish to move on.

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The road for Internal Affairs is coming to an end. This band has been so amazing for the 5 of us, and we are so thankful for everyone who has been apart of it. We have met some of the most incredible friends from around the world thanks to I.A. We have decided to call it quits. No need for a long ridiculous explanation other than we feel it is time to move on. Thanks for your support over the years. Special thanks to: Malfunction Records, Triumvir, Resist Records, Deathwish Inc., Not Just Words Records, 530 Records, Avocado Booking, Crime Scene Merch, Icon Screen Printing, TDT Screen Printing, Untied Print & Press, Tim Oswald, LAHC and everyone who has toured with us, fed us, or provided us a place to stay.

Unfortunately we have to cancel the European tour due to the sudden decision. As for a last show, something will be announced shortly. There will be an east coast show and west coast show, everyone in between will have to make the drive.


I.A. vs. Dalek vs. TRIUMVIR

The comments suggest this has happened in the last week, so yeah, this is recent news. I've liked this band for a while now, and it's a shame I never got to see them and it's a shame that they canceled their Europe tour.

They were alright I suppose. IDK, I'm not actually that disappointed really haha.
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Shit! I was hoping to see them on the UK tour as I missed them the last time they played Ninjafest.

Band was good.

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