Hi guys,

so im year 11 media and we have to do a type of media, and ive chosen print media. Ive decided to do an 8 page (8 pages is all we're allowed) guitar magazine. It will include two reviews a main story, a couple of advertisements and another feature story. So what i need is a name for the magazine.

Can anyone think of a half decent name for my mag??

The winning prize is an e-cookie btw
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I'd call it Mode Magazine.
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Don't know about a name but your magazines ad caption can be "Crank that funky monkey to the hot chicks in the advertisements and then learn a song." (include a tab in each issue)

This way your magazine will be true Pit material. Fapping to hot chicks and Guitar Playing to a new tab.
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the pit.
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"Generic Guitar Magazine"
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just dont tell anyone what it stands for....
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the pit.

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