Hey guys, I'm thinking of modding my Korean Squier Stratocaster. It has a Sunburst body, and I was wondering what colours would look really good on it. I saw in another thread a really nice black strat with a silver pearloid pickguard, black pickup covers and knobs, and gold hardware. I was wondering what are some funky colour combinations that look good?
Well, I dunno how possible these are, but:
Rasta - Red, Green, Yellow... Nickel hardware w/ the colors as the pickups
I would like a red strat w/ black hardware... pearloid pick guard w/ white pickups....
That's just me though, right now I have a Sunburst Mexi Strat... it'll do for now
For me, the best colour that goes with Sunburst is aged mint green, really gives it a vintage vibe.
Tortoiseshell pickguard with white pups and controls. Either that or all black scratchplate, pups and controls. I'm actually facing this dilemma with my Strat as well.
I'm looking to buy an Epi Valve Standard. If you've got one up for grabs in the Uk, PM me and let me know.