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2 14%
12 86%
Voters: 14.
Hey all

There seems to be a few people with clancy in their name on UG.

So, because its an awesome name, I MADE A BAND FOR IT!!!
So if your name incorpirates Clancy in it, no matter where in it, post yourself here and i''ll join yoU!!!! COME ON CLANCY'S OF UG!!!!! WE CAN DO IT! lol


i had a kid named clancy at my school.
boy did he cop it..............he left eventually
Yeah I never see Clancys around here...as for the poll, I don't think its a wierd name, but necessarily awesome either, just a normal name in my eyes, maybe not a popular one anymore, but I think it used to have some popularity.
Quote by Circle
is it not that the name clancy has to do something with shooters?

Like, "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell" etc?

Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's a writer, and plans/outlines games. I may be wrong, though.
Tom Clancy is a writer.
As for the games it is Ubisoft that have bought the rights to put his name on the games, even if he don't have anything to do with them.
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