what a load of bollocks, im not even watching this pish!

Thats why its rated 1 star!
I got bored with it after about 5 seconds.. Sorry. But Meh.
Sigs are overrated.
Quote by devourke
its supposed to be crap.

but you didn't do this when you were little? :O

No i was in school
Thinking about boobs
I thought it would be cool because there's this big guy chasing this little kid, and apparently he's supposed to make him fall and somehow catapult over a fence...

turns out the big guy actually slips on a muddy patch and happens to graze his knee on a half finished fence piece, lying on the ground...

it's actually even crapper than what i just described.

edit: oh right, the question... uuuh, no, not really... sure we played all kinds of sports and kiddie games but we didn't beat eachother up... or make eachother slip and graze our knees on unfinished fencings.
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