okay so i have an engl fireball and want to swap out the back leds from red to green

i have no idea how to do this and also do not know what power rating etc leds i need so just looking for help realy.

Please dont bump things just over an hour after the OP, give it at least a few days first.

Sounds like a bad idea to me (a lot of work for little gain) but w.e

get a multi-meter, set it to volts and put the positive sensor on the positive leg of the LED, and the negative on the negative, and write down the voltage whilst the amp is on and the LEDs are lit.

set the multi-meter to amps and do the same thing.

That should give you readings of which your new LEDs will have to be able to handle.

Thats my guess on the subject, but if you kill your self its your problem

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