I don't know if this is in the correct forum but I guess I had a 50/50 chance.

I am looking for an Eletrco-Acoustic to gig with along side my electrics. Normally I either use the Electric nice and clean or just use other peoples Electro-Acoustics but I think its time for me to actually get one myself. I want one for playing around with in my room and using in the studio now and again when recording. Im not going to use it much so im setting a budget of around £100 if I can keep it that way it would help alot as Im at Uni and money is tight...

I have no idea on decent brands or models in the Electro-Acoustic world so any advice would be helpful. Im guessing with a budget of £100 though its not going to be the best guitar but for the amount of time im going to be using it and my money situation at the minute, I dont mind.

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you wont get much help in the electric guitar forum regarding an acoustic.

try the acoustic forum ;-)
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Sorry, I wasnt sure whether it counted as an Electric guitar or an Acoustic being half and half. Thankyou though, Ive posted in the Acoustic so hopefully il get some response =)

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some guys just mic an acoustic and get more for the money that way.

if you want one you can plug in and you want a cutaway, then check out,

Alvarez, Washburn, Yamaha.

there are other brands, but for a small amount of money, these 3 brands give you the most for your money.

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