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fifa 09 comes out october 3, we all excited??

all fifa 09 discussion here
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Try the video game thread, and no. It was released 6 years ago like every other fifa game
try the video game thread.

its dead today. and us GT monkeys dont really like football games. so....sorry. take it to another forum.
winning eleven 8 was great .. i couldnt get myself to like the pro evo that came out for 360 and i never tried the newest one. i heard fifas kinda sucked too the last couple years but i also hearded that euro cup game on 360 is good..
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ewww football games???

No, he's obviously talking about Faroe Islands Fighting Assault. It's a little known side-scroller.

Of course football, you raging nitwit.

I'll probably pick it up when I get the money, it's become something of a habit for me to get them.

I hope they've drastically improved Be A Pro mode though. That was awful on 08.
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Pro Evo FTW


Less licences this year for Evo, get Fifa!
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Cod 4 all the way
it should be a half decent game but
i still rathe rlike the un complicated old ones
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Dear god the pit is a force to be reckoned with.
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Pro Evo FTW

Tacky, just compared PES2008 to Fifa 2008.

Tacky, unrealistic crap.

Fifa 2009 ftw.
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anyone for real man sports?

contact sport?

Soccer/football is a high contact sport often played at great speeds, more so than NFL with no protection or padding. Injuries sustained are more frequent and serious.

Deal with it, it's true. Anyway no one plays it to get injured, it's just true.
I thought Pro Evo 08 was okay >_>

I'll be getting Pro Evo 09.

Never buy Fifa games, got 08 from a mate after he got fed up with it, it was okay but it still highly irritates me to no end, i've still never figured out why.

Been that way since Fifa '99.