Hi guys,

I'm new here and the reason I registered is cause I'm in desperate need of some help from you pro's!!
I sing in a band and now we're looking for tabs for the following song;
eternal ft bebe winans - i wanna be the only one
But I can't find them anywere
Please help us!

Grtz Yas_mine
Abm7 and Db7sus4 could be replaced by Abm and Db ....

Abm7: 466474
Db7sus4: x46674

Verse: F# B Db (4)
Abm7 Db7sus4 Db

Chorus: F# B Db (4)

verse, chorus..

Abm7 Db7sus4 Db(3)

F# B Db (2) D

G C D (4)

Ab Db Eb (4)

A D E...........