Hey guys,

Im really struggling to get any feedback for my two new songs. There kinda mellow acoustic songs but i would really like to know what someone thought of them!!

I would really apreciate any kinda of feedback!

The songs are called "Lost For Words" and "Go On Then".

So guys tell me what you think -

thanks Suav

and about my signiture. I was goind to say that the spelling errors were intentional. but that would be lieing <is that even a word??.

Second how has no-one ever pointed that out to me before. How embarrasing

Yes ok i admit it - i cant spell for shit.

I think i might have a bit of editing to do.
Cool smooth guitar sound. There is wayyyyyyy tooo much reverb on the vocals though in Go on Then, that might be what you're going for though. But they kinda get washed out.

Overall, good songs, nice guitar sound, but don't mess with the vocals so much
Sounds good. Go on then has that gregorian masters of chant-feel to it. But to me it works. Both songs are good.
yeah, thanks guys, i aprecciate the feedback. i sounds nice and honest which i like.

my excuse for the vocals, is that i get loads of stick for my sh*t vocals so i find reverb the only way...... lol