So my roommate and I have been working on setting up a surround sound system in our house. We have the speakers working on the DVD player (we don't have cbale yet, ****ing comcast takes forever) but now we have an extra HDMI Cable and a extra high definition cables (green red and blue cables). The amp has places for these cable but I don't understand what the point would be in plugging them into the amp. Would it somehow route the video from the DVD player to the amp to the tv? Is it worth it? I guess the basic question is, is it a good idea to connect everything to the amplifier or should we just keep the audio set up to the amplifier? If we do connect everything how would we go about doing it(the instruction booklet isn't that good) and what would the benefits be?

The TV is a 42" plasma TV and the amp is a Denon AV Surround Reveiver AVR-4306. Thanks!
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