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7 26%
16 59%
2 7%
2 7%
Voters: 27.
jammy-son ftw
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Parkt921k - I adored your work, especially The Last Place Girls, it was just fantastic.

Jake - In my state of my mind at this present time, I believe you deserve this title. Every single one of your recent poems have just been so extremely pretty, without being fairy-like, that I often find it hard to say anything on them.

Jamie - I never really connected with your pieces very well but your quality of writing is so awesome and inspiring, and its very much well deserving of this title. Saying that, I preferred your earlier work when I first came to S&L. It must of been about two months ago. Your "Love" series was wonderful to follow.

meh! - I would classify your work along side Parkt's. Not that you write in a complete equivalent fashion or that you are as competent, thats rubbish! I enjoyed your stuff just as much as Jamie's and Parkt's poems, although I might of felt more away from home with parkt's, which is what I derive most pleasure from these days, personally.

This is extremely tough.


His pieces had the sharp and poignant vocabulary that Partk had, the witty and flowing wording of Jamie and the interesting concepts and excellent portrayal of those themes, common with meh!

They also just connected with me every time.

Congratulations to all competitors and good fortune to you in the competition ahead. Thank you for your wonderful work, it makes my evening.

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secret, aaaaagent maaan.
Jericho's not on the list
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Voted for Jamie. His stuff's always a good read. I hadn't been keeping up with Billy's work, but looking at it now, he did great this month, so if he wins, that's cool too.
Billehhh, it's so refreshing to read his work
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